About Me

Self Portrait

Hello! My name is Adam and I’m a full time Canadian artist based in Victoria, BC, and the father of three daughters.

I create original artwork on acid free paper. I use archival fineliner pens, traditional dip pens with acrylic india ink, and fountain pens with waterproof ink.

My artwork often has west coast or ocean themes, and I enjoy drawing animals as well. Some of my pieces are whimsical imaginary creatures, with a touch of humour.

I sell original art and print reproductions, and my art is also available on various products from t-shirts to shower curtains, with world wide shipping.

I’m also a member of Roots Reunited Sponsorship Group, a private sponsorship group helping a refugee family move to Victoria to be reunited with their family. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of my artwork goes towards sponsoring this family.